Sunday, April 12, 2020

Wreaths With Friends

Wreath making with friends is a really  fun thing to  do.  Everyone loves the finished work.  This beautiful wreath was constructed by Jonell.

A full view of the wreath hung upon an ornate French mirror.

Everyone made a fine wreath that anyone would love to adorn their home  with. 

Me and my wreath

 A close-up of my wreath

If you wish to develop close relationships with other women, I highly recommend creating a group of women you enjoy and take the lead in scheduling monthly crafting events with or without food.  We always have either brunch or lunch. Lunch is such a great way to wind down after a few hours of crafting and completely enjoy each other's company.  Eight of us have been meeting for about four years now, once a month and we all make it a priority in our lives because we enjoy what we do and who we do it with immensely. 

You might ask, "How do you know what crafts to do?"  I have found success in choosing something I want to learn.  Finding out how to do it, then teaching my friends.  They teach me a great deal along the way too.   I try to select things that people would actually want, either for themselves or for giving to others.  Pinterest is a great source of ideas.  I have several boards designed for crafting.  Feel free to look me up and check them out.

In the coming days I will share with you a list   of over 40 crafts we have made together.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll compile them in a book in order to help others experience the fun and bounding we have enjoyed over the years. 

Until next time,  Debbie

Friday, April 10, 2020

Host A Luncheon Amid Pink Roses

Greetings friends!  I hosted a monthly craft event for seven close friends and me.  Every month I plan something for us to make and a delightful brunch or lunch. We always have a great time and, so far, the ladies all seem to love the crafts we create together. At one such event we all designed spring wreaths for our homes.  Wow!  What fun and creativity swirled in the air.  I will show you pictures of what we created toward the end.

Knowing me, you know I LOVE to set beautiful tables and have scrumptious food for them to indulge in.  We dined on a unique Apple Ginger Salad.

We also partook of HoneyBaked Ham and Turkey Croissant sandwiches and had old-fashioned Lay's BBQ potato chips.  If that wasn't enough nostalgia, we finished our luncheon with warm butterscotch pudding and a heart-shaped, un-frosted sugar cookie. It really surprised me how much everyone loved my simple but love-filled luncheon, especially the pudding! If it were polite and we were less than the ladies we are, I think we all would have licked the pudding dishes!

Pictured above is the vintage Metlox Vernon Rose dishes that I have collected over the past few years set for my lovely friends. The sherbet glasses are Morgantown Pink Crinkle glass. The water glasses are a Pink Diamond optic pattern that I have yet to identify.  Perhaps you will notice in a future picture that the flatware is Oneida Golden Damask Rose.  I inherited this set from my sweet mother-in-law.

Fresh flowers always elevate your tablescape greatly.  Wrapped within a cellophane bag, adorned with a pink satin bow, are rose buds soaps upon vintage Candlewick rectangular glass pieces.  Each lady took one home as a sweet remembrance of the day.

These colors and dishes make my heart go pitter-patter. I LOVE pink! I constructed the roses with a mixed white arrangement and pink roses.

Love the roses, Alstameria, Queen Anne's Lace and other white flowers.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Nine Days to a Heavenly Wedding

My friend, Lauren, became engaged n Christmas Eve.  Isn't that special?!    I received a call on January 3rd that they were going to be married on January12th! A new kind of SPECIAL!  I was asked if I could decorate her registered historical home in Old Town  Orange.  I began envisioning  what I would do to make it beautiful.   As I thought through the inventory I had and the home she had the word that came to my mind for decorating her home was "magical".  Now  that I've had time to ponder it, a better word comes to mind, "heavenly".

Among other colors the color scheme of white penetrated my mind. That would definitely be heavenly. I own quite a collection of Fenton Silver Crested Milk glass and began envisioning using my three tall vases filled with beautiful white flowers, and pondered what I could do with various other pieces that I have. To make a long story short, the tables were set with beautiful china, flatware and crystal glassware. I decorated the surrounding areas with florals, candles and milk glass.

Because I have frequently attended a floral arranging class, and most recently over Christmas vacation,  I knew how I wanted to arrange the flowers. I just didn't know  if  I  would have to  buy them at Costco, which are very pretty, or  if I would be able to obtain them from my floral design teacher, Pam.  Thankfully, Pam, from Petal Pushers, 714-348-7237, came through for me.  I told her what I was thinking of and she made it so much better than my thoughts!  She secured the most beautiful flowers ever.  Pam was very proud of  her protege. :-)

I am going to start the viewing with the flowers, then go to the home pictures and make the grand finale the wedding pictures that I have.  I'm sure she has so  many more.

 They looked and smelled so wonderful.

It was relaxing to design the arrangements at my house then take them to Lauren's.

The centerpiece for the main table was about three feet long. There were champagne roses, calla lilies, Japanese lilies, chrysanthemums, sweet smelling stock, and anemones.

The table for the youth was set with gold elements.

This is a close up picture of the table.

The table took on different hews in different light.

Although the roses were the same color on each table, they took on a pinker tone here.  They color was called "champagne".  The glassware is darker here.  I was so pleased with how the tables looked!

So beautiful!

 The entryway.

 On the mantel.

 On the piano.

 The main table.

Lauren & Dean sat here.

 The cake sat atop a sparkling rhinestone cake stand.

So inviting.

This is my favorite picture of the reception ready for the guests.
It's just like I had envisioned it.

The beautiful bride, Lauren outside their historical home.

 The  ceremony took place at the beautiful St. John's Lutheran Church
 in Old Town Orange.

 It's official!

Lauren celebraating with her matron of honer, Shannon.

Lauren with Dillon & Lexi, her beautiful children

And they all lived happily-ever-after.

I always welcome your comments.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Denim & Diamonds With a Pop of Sunflowers

Greetings friends!  Well, I had this complete  blog post designed and posted and went back to update it with a picture of the soup we enjoyed and clicked "Control Z" and lost the entire post!  Not even my genius computer whiz son could help me restore it.  So.... I am reconstructing it again.  I understand if you don't want to read it twice, but you might want to check out the  soup that initiated the problem.  Additionally, I've added a few more very unique pictures.  Check out the ice, and, the cake!

My neighbor, Anita, and her best friend, Becky, along with a few other women wanted to bless their pastor's wife with a special evening.  They asked me if I would host a party for her as a way to do that.  I love parties, so I agreed to do it.  It was an incredible evening.  Come along and you can attend the after party and not consume any of the calories! ;-)

A duo of denim and diamond wreaths welcome my guests. 

A sparkling group of decorated tin cans, candles and a glowing mirror beckon my guests into the family room. A "SPARKLE" banner formally greets them with the theme of their party.

A close up of the mantle.  I bought this mirror a few years ago and absolutely LOVE how it highlights decor of every season.

The tablescape states, "You are going to have a really good time tonight!"

This table was set before my guests arrived to entertain me, and before the champagne goblets were removed for serving "Slushy Strawberry Punch". Additionally, the faux diamonds had not been added yet for that unique bit of whimsy.


Here's the sprinkling of diamonds to add sparkle to the table along with a variety of bling on candles, name cards, and dinner ware jewelry under the soup bowl. A vintage coffee can sits atop a mirrored tray adorned with bling. I hosted a Denim & Diamonds party last summer with different flowers.  I really like how the sunflowers, although artificial, add a pop of color and excitement to the table.

Another angle shows off the Spode Delamere blue plates, the silver crested milk glass, and the Ralph Lauren looking dishes.


 Above is the handmade invitation exterior.

The interior of the custom printed invitation

 Decorated with bling, it is time to fill the champagne flutes with
 "Slushy Strawberry Punch".
It is a delightful punch made with Jell-O.

Added to the punch was an always popular Bacon Bouquet. 
 It never disappoints to bless and impress. I see a few roses are missing!

Place setting at-the-ready for chilled peach soup.

Everyone has diamond shaped ice, right?!

I tried to think of every detail that would delight my guests. ;-)

My dear friend and treasured assistant, Kathy, place the garnish with precise perfection to make this  soup so inviting.  It's such a perfect choice for a hot summer evening.

Summer evenings always call for cool offerings. This summer chilled watermelon salad was an excellent choice, and tasty too with a balsamic dressing.

Always a favorite were Barbecued Country Short Ribs, accompanied by a festive pineapple rice, lemon asparagus, rosemary carrots and a version of the world famous Smoke House Cheese Bread.

This old-fashioned chocolate cake never fails to delight my guests.   It is made from scratch and worth every calorie!  It is placed upon a vintage diamond designed cake plate.


The chocolate cake was served with strawberry ice cream and garnished with strawberries and course sugar crystals that added sparkle.  I'm getting hungry just looking at it!

A variety of crafts were constructed in the cooled down summer air in the back yard.

My guests each made a wreath to take home.
They made sunflower pens, decorated tin cans and water bottles, and a coffee cup. 

Each lady left with a pouch securing a  cut in half rock exposing the sparkle within. I typed up a message of remembrance about how they must always remember how precious they are and that they sparkle inside and need to share their sparkle with the whole world. 

Here was the message within:

Everyday you'll find people who are like denim on the outside and diamonds on the inside. Some people can possess a rough hardness or unattractiveness to their exterior.  Even they have sparkle within.
As Christians, we are to let our lights shine so that other see Jesus in us, i.e. "sparkle".  As with a rock, we take a few hard knocks in life. These are the places and times where we have experienced and overcome trials.

These hard times serve to enhance and expose the sparkle within us because we have the Holy Spirit within.  

As with a carefully cut diamond, there are many facets that reveal its beauty and they aren't all the same.  People are that way too. We can all sparkle in ways that are attractive and give glory to God from within.
I pray that God will help you reveal the sparkle He has placed within you so that others will benefit by knowing you as you glorify Him.

Always remember, you sparkle inside!

I'm pretty sure they had a delightful time.

I'd love to hear about your summer parties.  
Until next time, remember:
What every you do, Make It Delightful!