Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome To Le Chateau

When we have friends over for dinner and are serving wine, I set this oil painted canvas outside my front door. I believe it creates the first step in setting the mood that "Fun is going to take place here!". I want my guests to feel like they are entering a place that is equal to or surpasses any fine restaurant they have visited. Rather than the ordinary "Welcome" signs, I'm convinced this is a more delightful way to create the mood you want to be enjoyed. I believe I purchased it for about $20 at WALMART! Many of my guests comment on how special it is. Do you have a painting of some kind that you have just been storing that you could hang outside your door? Remember to bring it in after the party!


  1. You have so many great ideas!!

  2. Thanks Susan! You have so many deep thoughts! :-)