Saturday, June 15, 2013

My New Favorite Store-Home Depot/Katella/Orange

If you have  been a blog follower of mine for a period of time, you will know that I don't write about such things as Home Depot or any store other than to mention where I purchased an item.  I received such sterling service from this company when I needed to have some garage shelving installed that I just had to share my experience with you.  They made my shopping experience with them absolutely DELIGHTFUL!  (Pictures Below)

I am still in awe of the customer service I received from three of their employees.  I have never received better service from any store, restaurant, or other business establishment.
From the moment I walked in to the Home Depot on Katella Ave in Orange and was identified as a “searching face” by Andrea Martin, until the last good-bye from Jerry Peavey, who built the heavy steel metal shelves and ClosetMaid three-drawer cabinetry in my garage, the service provided to me was beyond excellent!

As I shared my needs, Andrea walked me throughout the store departments pointing out the different options I could incorporate. She mentioned things I hadn’t thought of, assembled the plastic bins in all sorts of arrangements to see what would fit and what wouldn’t, and helped me figure out costs and possible construction possibilities.  She answered every question. and added her own well-thought-out ideas. She was so patient, helpful and friendly; I felt like I had my own personal shopper. 

This purchase was to be a surprise for my husband’s birthday, so this plan had to be perfectly planned and timed.  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that someone could construct all of this for me, and, at no additional cost!   I never could have accomplished  my endeavor without the coordinated help I received.  

Jerry was a hard worker, excellent craftsman, and when I offered him a tip for all his time and effort, he refused, stating that was not allowed.  Wow!!  Where else in the world do you get service like this?!!

I understand that the manager, Yo Aleman, took immediate action to have the two shelves that weren’t with the original order sent over from another store on Saturday morning in time for Jerry to complete the project.

My husband arrived home to the surprise, and loved it!  You could not have a happier customer than me!  The Home Depot on Katella will always be my first choice because of the outstanding service I received.  This store’s philosophy is one many other companies could greatly benefit from.  

Whenever I go to Home Depot now, I will always ask to see if Andrea is there to help me, before I buy anything requiring advice, skill, and installation.  She was the BEST!  (I think I can handle light bulbs, plants, and knobs on my own!)

These are the cabinets I wanted when I walked into the store. However, through much discussion and thought, it was discoverered that what I wanted to store in them would never be supported by this shelving.  It would be way too weak for my very heavy dishes.

I wanted the pretty "living room look" these closed cabinets would provide.  But I gave in to reason and logic and went with something less pretty but far more functional and sturdy.

 Not going to work...

The shelving below (three sets of 18 by 36 inches) enabled me to store everything labeled and easy to retrieve.  Not as pretty as the white cabinetry, but this works and won't collapse!  Now, instead of sifting through and lifting several bins to get to the one's I want, I can go right to the box I want and simply lift it out and remove its contents.  Once used, everything can be easily replaced for another day.  We planned so well (Andrea and I) that we even had room for John's extra tall ladder. :-)

I am not that fond of the picture below (nothing to impress) but I wanted to show the white cabinetry I was able to purchase which rendered a table top for odd jobs.  Jerry put four sets of these together for me. :-)  Keep in mind, we are retired and don't have need for something that would accommodate large projects.  Additional shelving with most of my dish/party sets is in the larger shelves to the left.  The purpose of this blog entry is to showcase Home Depot, not my garage.  But I thought it would be helpful for you to see just what they built for me.  Some day, some how, I will figure out how to get Jerry back here to build upper cabinetry that hides all this prehistoric garage siding.  But til then, I'm delighted with the results achieved.

There is no way I could have accomplished all of this myself!  I couldn't be more grateful for the help I received from Home Depot.  I hope, if you ever need anything from Home Depot, you will shop there and definitely ask for Andrea!  Although, I know all of their employees would probably render excellent service, my encounter was with her.

You might be asking, "What part of this was for John?"  The new clean, uncluttered look that he so desired!! ;-)


  1. I have had the same experience at my Home Depot in Huntington Beach on Magnolia and Garfield! They must train their people to work with excellence. Love the way your garage storage turned out Debbie.

  2. Thanks, Patty. It's nice to know there is a store out there you can count on and trust!